Background Searches

If you seek peace of mind and clarity when evaluating individuals for potential employment, business partnerships, or relationships, our comprehensive searches are designed to empower you with reliable information. We understand the importance of making informed decisions, and our services provide you with the confidence to navigate these crucial choices.

Trust our expertise to uncover the truth using any of the following searches:

  • Residential Address
  • Phone Location
  • Rental Information
  • Property Ownership
  • Company Ownership (Directorship)
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Personal Property Securities Search
  • Social Media Search
  • Court History – court listing appearances

In the realm of investigations, privacy laws in Australia impose certain limitations on accessing information. It is important to understand that there are specific types of information that cannot be obtained. These include:

  • Government databases such as Medicare, Centrelink, and Motor Vehicle Registries.
  • Registration checks on number plates, which are solely accessible to the police.
  • Criminal background searches, which necessitate a signed consent form from the person of interest.
  • Bank account details, including balances and transactional information, which remain confidential.
  • Personal and private company tax returns held by the Australian Taxation Office.
  • Immigration status, history, or records.
  • Flight or hotel records.
  • Trust names associated with property ownership.
  • Street cameras operated by the government or large organizations.

We understand the frustrations that these limitations may bring. However, rest assured that within the boundaries of the law, we remain committed to uncovering relevant information and providing you with the best possible assistance in your investigations.