Comprehensive Bug Sweeps Melbourne – Protect Your Privacy

Bug sweeping is the removal of surveillance devices that could be placed in one residential or corporate space. These devices are usually very small and can not be seen by the human eye. These devices can include cameras, listening devices, or GPS trackers. Our team has the experience to scan all these devices and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Why Choose Melbourne Private Investigations for Bug Detection Services?

This is why you should contact us for bug detection services in Melbourne.

Expertise in Bug Sweeping

Bug sweeps is a complicated job that needs someone to have the experience and knowledge to carry out this operation. Rely on our professional private investigators to deliver the best bug sweeps Melbourne.

Latest Equipment

Our team is given thorough training to use the latest bug sweeping technology and techniques. This is because we want to ensure customer satisfaction by uncovering all the surveillance devices planted in our customers’ spaces.

Cost Effective

Worry not about the prices of bug sweeping services in Melbourne. Our services are cost effective putting your budget into consideration.

Our Bug Sweep Detection Services

Check out our comprehensive services to help you with whatever you need.

Residential Bug Sweep Services

Your residential space is a place where you should have the freedom to communicate and carry out your daily work. Having surveillance gadgets in this place is an intrusion of privacy that can cause discomfort. Trust us to uncover any surveillance devices that can not be seen by the human eye to keep your mind at peace.

Corporate Bug Sweep Services

Our expert team has the knowledge to carry out corporate bug sweep services in your office areas. This helps to protect your company’s information and operations.

Advanced Detection Equipment

We use the latest technology when carrying out bug sweeps Melbourne like thermal cameras and signal intelligence software. These technology gadgets help us detect surveillance devices and remove them from your space.

The Legal Boundaries of Background Checks in Australia

The Types of Surveillance Devices We Detect

Hidden Cameras and Listening Devices

Cameras and listening devices can be hidden under your tables, beds, or room lamps which are hard to notice. This is why we use the latest gadgets to detect these devices and prevent anyone from eavesdropping on your conversations.

GPS Tracker Detection

Our expert private investigators can detect any GPS devices tracking your movements and locations. We specialize in both physical inspection and electronic scanning to uncover the GPS trackers that could have been placed.

Spyware and Cyber Surveillance Detection

Spyware and cyber surveillance are devices that can be used for monitoring people. These can be planted in one’s smartphone or computer devices. Our team can remove these trackers and keep you safe from any threats.

Signs You May Need a Bug Sweep

Here are the signs to look out for

  • Unusual Noises on Phone Lines
  • Unexpected Behavior of Electronic Devices
  • Unexplained Increase in Data Usage
  • Strange Vehicles or Individuals Nearby
  • Interference with Radio or TV Signals
  • Finding Unknown Electronic Devices
Keep Assets Safe

How Our Bug Sweeping Process Works

This is our process and how to get started with us

Consultation and Risk Assessment

We begin with a discussion to understand your concerns. Our team then does a thorough assessment to evaluate any potential surveillance gadgets or cameras.

On-Site Detection and Sweeping

Our team comes on-site to start the bug sweeps Melbourne operations and ensure a thorough inspection. Using our latest gadgets and equipment, we start the scanning operations to check for GPS trackers, cameras, or cyber surveillance threats.

Comprehensive Report and Recommendations

Our professional team provides you with a detailed report of the scanning operations. We also offer guidance and recommendations to improve your security and prevent future risks.


This is what our customers have to say about our bug sweeping services.

Max Symons
Max Symons
Gavin Willis is Extremely diligent and it was a straight forward process. He Helped me find an individual that the Police left me in the lurch citing it's nothing more then a civil matter. First attempt at locating the individual was unsuccessful but Gavin went the extra mile at no additional cost to help me find the individuals address. Highly recommend, will definitely use these guys again in future. Thanks again.
Lisa Peppard
Lisa Peppard
Extremely professional, responsive and knowledgable. Thoughtful, logical advice for tricky personal situations requiring nuanced subtle approach. Definitely not their first rodeo - they really know their stuff. They cut straight to the chase, no mucking about and as a result, reasonably priced.
jenny luong
jenny luong
Members were very efficient and approachable , they provided updated information through the whole services
Steve P
Steve P
Ive been working with Gavin for 7 years and have always found him professional and easy to work with. Gavin has always delivered as promised.
Angie Ison
Angie Ison
I found Gavin and his team very professional and took the time to really understand what I needed help with. His agents were very reliable as we had to do multiple days with very early morning starts and they always turned up on time and the communication was great. I found the cost was very well priced and would highly recommend Gavin and his team.
Rochelle Simmons
Rochelle Simmons
Great ppl!
Chels Zero
Chels Zero
Extremly happy and thankful customer! I’m so grateful ! Melbourne Private Investigations was extremly helpful and caring from start to finish and provided me with a successful result. I strongly recommend Melborne Private Investigations and was please to be dealing with Gavin and his guy who were fantastic and caring at all times. They keep updating information during the investigation process and it makes customer feel safe and respected. Your communication and professionalism has been second to none. Again - thank you and all the best. From Chelsea

FAQs About Bug Sweeping Services

The duration of a bug sweeps operation fully depends on the complexity of the area being checked.

If you suspect being monitored, limit sensitive conversations and activities in your home and contact a bug sweeping team to come and help you.