5 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Private Investigators

The life of a private investigator sounds glamorous enough: all-hours stakeouts, wearing a dark coat and hat, looking mysteriously into the camera … or at least that’s what Hollywood movies want you to think.

The life of a private investigator is anything but glam. While there is the adrenaline rush and some good memories to fondly look back on, it’s not all cloak and dagger. We answer 5 questions you’ve always wanted to know about private investigators (but were afraid to ask.)

1. What are private eyes most commonly hired for?

Not surprisingly, the majority of clients who request a private eye are women who suspect their partners are cheating on them. There are also business owners who want to check on insurance frauds, and family members wanting to locate a missing person.

2. What skills make for a good PI?

First of all, a good private investigator should be patient. You have to be willing to sit in a car and observe for hours on end. You also need to have excellent memory and pay attention to all the little details. Finally, you have to enjoy your own company as a lot of your time will be spent alone, surveilling.

3. How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

Just like any trade, the rates will vary depending on the experience and the type of job undertaken. However, it’s not as expensive as you think. At Melbourne Private Investigations, thecost of a private investigator is $80 per hour, with a minimum surveillance investigation being 4 hours.

4. At what point does conducting surveillance become illegal?

Surveillance is legal unless the subject becomes aware that they’re being followed. This is then known as stalking and an invasion of privacy. In the event that an investigator is spotted, they must cease surveillance immediately or consider starting again at a later date once the suspicions have passed.

5. What equipment do private investigators use to find evidence?

PI’s use a range of spyware products collaboratively to get the information that they need. The most common devices used are secret phone trackers, GPS tracking listening devices and phone charger hidden spy cameras (and yes, you can purchase these yourself if you want to set up a sting operation in your own home or office).

Discreet, experienced surveillance is just a call away

With years of experience in discreet surveillance, our top private investigators in Melbourne are able to get up close and personal to your subject without being detected. Most importantly, we will do it legally as we are aware of all privacy laws, security laws, and surveillance device laws.

If you have a personal, business, or legal problem, leave it up to the experts at Melbourne Private Investigations. We are specialists in obtaining evidence and information for the courts or your peace of mind. Call us on 1300 416 730 (24 hours) for a confidential discussion.

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