A Watchful Eye on Vulnerable Teens

Any parent will know just how nerve-racking it is when their child steps out the door. Parents will constantly be concerned about their children’s welfare, no matter the circumstances.

Not only can long drawn out hours without hearing from them cause anxiety, but often, our thoughts can get ahead of us. Even if we know where they’re going and who they’re with, being logical in a bid to fight our anxiety can be challenging.

However, these sentiments quickly escalate when a parent has good reason to believe that the company their children are keeping may have a deleterious effect on their overall welfare.

Having been teenagers ourselves at one stage, we know just how volatile a time it can be for children within this age group. Salacious behaviour may become the norm and poor decision making may lead to experimentation with illicit substances and other criminal activities.

More often than not this can largely be due to the company that your children keep, and while this age may be a time of curiosity and learning, certain decisions can lead to far worse outcomes than a slap on the wrist from authorities.

The stats

Australian youth crimes appear to be lowering according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, sitting at an all time low in 2019. However, the data also shows that when crimes do occur, they’re very serious in nature with 96% of crimes being assault with intention to cause bodily harm.

Illicit drug use however, is on the rise with more and more youngsters recorded using hard party drugs in social settings. Not only does this have a negative effect on health and development but can lead to poor decision-making on one end of the spectrum, and drug-driving and violence on the other. These consequent crimes are common and are leading to more and more tragic results for Australia’s youth.

How a private investigator can help

If you’re concerned about the movement of your children and their circle of friends, you can hire a PI to ensure that you’re kept on top of your child’s activities and whereabouts. While it can feel like you’re breaching the trust of your child, a PI is a great option to assess the severity of the situation and ascertain if you’ll need to step in.

Our services extend towards locating your child, discovering more about their activities, and surveying their friend groups. We’ll then be able to provide comprehensive reports to you based on our findings, allowing you to choose the best course of action moving forward.

Alternatively, we offer a range of spyware products that you can set up yourself. From phone tracker spyware that helps track SMS, phone calls and emails through to the phone charger hidden camera that captures video footage at home when you’re not around, our products make it easy to monitor your teen wherever they are.

Keen to find out more? Get in touch

If you’re interested in finding out more about your child’s whereabouts in order to take further steps in a way that enhances their welfare, get in touch with the team at Melbourne PI. Not only will we be able to ascertain your child’s whereabouts and activities, but we’ll help provide you with the peace of mind you’re after. No more guesses – just straight answers.

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