Employee Stealing at Work

Business Owner Wanted Proof

We recently uncovered a truck driver who had been stealing thousands of dollars worth of stock literally “off the back of a truck”.

A concerned owner of a trucking company called us to discuss his suspicions that one of his drivers had been stealing items from his truck. He had no evidence at this point but items had mysteriously gone missing and the truck driver had not accounted for all of his time.

Our private investigators are skilled in the art of following people without being detected. This is a skill that takes years of practice.

We followed the truck driver and with the aid of specialised video surveillance equipment caught the truck driver red-handed. The reason the owner had not caught it before was because the stealing was conducted at the truck-stop. When the truck driver was supposed to be having his lunch he was selling goods to organised customers waiting for his arrival.

This led to instant dismissal and saved the company thousands of dollars in further losses. The cost of this surveillance was also a tax deduction and was money well spent.

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