Cheating Spouse

Husband Suspects Wife is Cheating

Richard was an investment banker who regularly spent time overseas on business. He suspected that his wife might be spending time with another man while he was away. She had bought some new clothes and had her hair cut just prior to his departure.

We met Richard in person to discuss his concerns. He wanted everything to be discreet and did not want his wife finding out he was going to engage a private investigator. We discussed with him our privacy policy and that we do not disclose any information to third parties.

Firstly, Richard purchased a GPS tracker/Live Listening Device and a Voice Recorder to place in his car. He was then able to pass on information to our company so we could organise a private investigator to conduct surveillance on his wife at specific times while he was away for the week. During that time we discovered that she was seeing a man in the CBD and meeting him for dinner. Richard was kept up to date by us during the surveillance. He was devastated but relieved that he had finally found out the truth.

Spouses often cheat when their partners are out of town. If you suspect that your partner might be cheating on you while you are out of town, then call us to discuss your concerns.

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