Family Law Dispute

Father Fighting for Custody

Michael had been in a bitter family law dispute with his ex-wife for 2 years which involved the custody of his two children. Michael wanted to pick his kids up after school but his wife refused to agree and the court insisted that the mother pick the children up herself. Michael was extremely disappointed.

Michael, however had learned that the mother had been late picking the children up on many occasions and had left the children waiting after school while she had been spending time with her new boyfriend. Michael needed proof to provide to the court to argue that he should be the one who should pick his kids up from school and that his ex-wife had been doing a poor job. He engaged us to gather the evidence he needed.

We organised surveillance on his ex-wife to confirm who she was with and when she was collecting the children from school. Over the course of a week we confirmed that she was late on several occasions because she had been visiting a new boyfriend. The private investigator’s photos and video’s were time and date stamped so this was sufficient for Michael’s lawyers to use in court as evidence in support of his application for custody after school.

The court was very unhappy with Michael’s ex-wife and found that she was failing in her parental responsibilities as a mother and granted access to Michael to collect his kids up from school. The bond between Michael and his kids is now as strong as ever.

This investigation took a total of 15 hours (3 hours per day for 1 week) and Michael was extremely happy with the outcome.

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