Suspicious Phone Habits

Boyfriend Protective of Phone

A woman called us to discuss her boyfriend and his suspicious phone habits. He had been becoming increasingly protective of his phone. Mysterious calls and texts would come through at all hours of the night. Her boyfriend said it was work calls and messages, but she suspected that was not the case. He also kept his phone close by him at all times which was a change in his usual habit of leaving it on the kitchen table. He also took his phone with him to the bathroom. He had also recently put a pin on his phone and placed it face down on the table at all times.

This is a classic situation and is highly indicative that someone is cheating on their partner. The woman was correct in her assumptions and gave us a call to discuss her situation.

She didn’t have access to his phone so we recommended that surveillance was the key to finding out what was going on. We organised a private investigator to follow him after work on a Friday to where he attended a bar with other work colleagues. The private investigator blended in with the crowd, ordering a drink and using discreet video surveillance equipment to monitor the boyfriends activities during the evening.

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