Investigating a Competitor

Anti Competitive Behaviour

If a business competitor has engaged in anti-competitive behaviour against you then it may be time to get the help of a private investigator. Business owners can sometimes find themselves the victim of the actions of unscrupulous business people who go to great lengths to undermine their business reputation and goodwill. This can cause an immense amount of stress, cost and disruption to your business.

With the help of a private investigator, information can be gathered from sources to determine what your competitor has done and who they have dealt with. This evidence can be used to build a case against your competitor to be used in complaints to the regulatory authorities or as evidence in legal proceedings against them.

We recently were involved in an attempted case of copying a website. This potentially was a breach of Australian Consumer Law and also may have amounted to the tort of passing off which would have meant commencing expensive federal court proceedings. With our help and investigative skills we were able to identify the person who had copied the website, trace the companies he had used to carry out potentially fraudulent activity, and shut down the website before it had a disastrous effect on the reputation and goodwill of the business.

The investigator provided all this evidence which can be used in future legal proceedings against this person should he try this type of activity again. This investigation was carried out over the course of 4 days and was swift and decisive. This has avoided instigating Federal Court Proceedings against this person. For now.

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