Husband Coming Home Late

Drinks After Work

Susan called us to discuss her husband’s suspicious habits after work. Her husband had been making excuses for coming home late, saying that he regularly had work meetings or deadlines to meet. She suspected that he might be spending time with someone after work and wanted to discover the truth.

This is a typical situation that wives and girlfriends find themselves in, especially when there are so many convenient places for husbands and boyfriends to meet up with women after work in the city. Melbourne is a hotspot for cheating partners and we receive enquiries like this on a regular basis.

We recommended that the best solution for Susan was for a private investigator to be assigned to follow her husband after work. The investigator followed him to a nearby bar. Her husband met a young woman where they shared a drink together, and flirted for the next hour or so. The private investigator blended in to the crowd, obtained photo and video evidence of the two of them together and sent it to Susan immediately. Our private investigator was completely undetected by Susan’s husband as he was too interested in flirting with the young woman he was with.

We contacted Susan afterwards and learned that she had confronted her husband about meeting this young woman and they have both now taken steps to heal the mistrust between them. This was a successful outcome for Susan who had the information she needed to take action. This surveillance took 3 hours.

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