Rejected Boyfriend

Covert Investigation Leads to AVO

A woman recently contacted us after her car had been vandalised on three separate occasions. Her tyres were slashed each time and the paintwork had been scratched during the night while it was parked on the street. She suspected that the damage was being caused by an ex-boyfriend that she had recently broken up with. She had reported this to the Police but they were unable to help without any evidence.

We discussed the issue with her budget in mind and recommended that a private investigator watch her vehicle on specific nights at specific times. The private investigator also had sophisticated night vision cameras located in his car which was parked across the street which continuously recorded any activity that occurred.

On the third night the private investigator captured video evidence of a man scratching her paintwork and attempting to break her windshield wipers. She was correct in suspecting her ex-boyfriend as the culprit. This evidence was used by the woman’s lawyer to obtain an Apprehended Violence Order against the ex-boyfriend. She was also able to use this as evidence in a legal claim against the man for the damage to her car and the costs of the investigation.

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