Husband on Business Trip

Wife Confirms Suspicions

We were contacted recently by a woman who’s husband was attending a 2 day work conference in Sydney.

She had some suspicions that things weren’t quite right but had not confirmed anything with hard evidence. She contacted us and we spoke for over an hour. She told us about her relationship, how things were going, and why she suspected that when he goes away on business trips he is cheating on her. We took the time to analyse the situation and develop a solution to alleviate her worries.

Firstly, we recommended the use of some of our spy products to obtain some initial information about where her husband was staying. With the aid of a discreet recording device she uncovered that he had been lying about where he was staying. Surveillance on her husband was now crucial to confirm her suspicions.

Next we recommended the use of two agents to be used for 5 hours in the afternoons to conduct surveillance upon him over 2 days whilst he was in Sydney. We often insist on using two agents where there are two locations some distance apart. This ensures an effective surveillance.

The first private investigator followed him from the work conference where he was accompanied by a woman who was very affectionate towards him. Photo evidence was taken and sent to the woman immediately.

The second private investigator was waiting at the hotel that he was booked into. The man and woman returned back to the hotel at around 7pm where they had dinner together in the hotel restaurant. At around 8pm they were seen going into a lift together, the private investigator quickly followed them and with the use of a secret covert camera obtained video footage of them entering the same hotel room together.

The agent sent this video footage to the mans wife and she now had the answers she needed.

This was a successful 5 hour operation with the use of two agents. A very effective outcome for the client.

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