Hiring A Private Investigator to Find a Missing Person: What You Need to Know

In this world of regulation and laws to protect people’s privacy it can be extremely frustrating trying to locate someone – gone are the days of simply looking someone up in the Yellow Pages. Even social media is proving difficult to locate people as time goes by and people are more aware of compromising their location.

Fortunately, you have options. An experienced private investigator can help you locate a person, but the exact process and technique required will vary depending on who has gone missing, how and for what reason. If you’ve lost someone close to you or trying to find someone that owes you money, read on and learn how Melbourne Private Investigations can potentially help reunite you with them.

People who’ve fled

The most common type of people who have fled are debtors who are trying to walk out on a commitment.

Our investigators are ready to help. A combination of traditional investigative and skip-tracing techniques allows us to help locate people even when they don’t want to be found. Leveraging a range of techniques including surveillance, phone number searches, deep background checks and more, we help working towards locating them.

Estranged people

In some cases, the loss was not so sudden or so recent. Whether a parent you haven’t seen since childhood, or even never met and just want to know where your biological parent is or an old friend who just withdrew from your life, many people are not ‘missing’, just missed. Social media and internet searches can only take you so far – if you’re looking to reconnect, we want to help.

While the issue may not be one of life and death, we check every possible avenue available to investigators to ensure we get you a result. By reaching out through our networks and investigating any details you can recall from the person’s life (previous places of residence, workplaces, associates, etc) we can help put you back in touch with that person you’ve been missing, trying to deliver the happy reunion you’ve been looking for.

The support you need

When a loved one or colleague goes missing, know that help is available. Melbourne Private Investigations has extensive experience locating missing persons, combining a dedicated research team with highly skilled licensed private investigators to help locate your friend, family member or business associate.

We understand the value of our clients’ trust, prioritizing discretion and professionalism in everything we do to ensure we deliver the optimal outcome for you. Start a conversation with our team today to learn more – contact us on our 24-hour line at 1300 416 730 and we’ll be happy to help you take the next step.

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