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The Craziest Personal Detective Stories as Told by Private Investigators

A career in private investigating most definitely isn’t for the faint hearted. While often it looks like a typical day of a private investigator consists of trailing an unsuspecting subject and using high-tech gadgets to spy on them, nothing seems to quite play out exactly as it does in the movies.

We figured there would be some pretty outlandish stories from private investigators, so we took to the internet with the question: What is the craziest case you’ve taken on?

To say the least, we were pretty shocked with some of the stories we were able to dig up.

Blind-sided date

I was put on an investigation and the wife hired us because she thought her husband was cheating on her. I was used as bait and ‘ran into’ him at a bar to see if he would bite and ask me out. No surprise, he did.

On the first date we were chatting and he stops and says “I have to tell you something, I’m really smart and I know my wife has hired a private investigator.” I was quite shocked but played it off well saying, “No way, people don’t do that, do they?”

Our second date comes around and he says to me, “You know what, I know you’re a PI, but I don’t even care. I still want to date you.” I was absolutely mortified, but luckily had enough incriminating evidence to turn it over to his wife and never had to see the guy again.

He has risen

I’m a private fire investigator and was called to the scene because a home had burnt down. The homeowner told me that the church across the street would gather in the street and pray his house burned down. He also claimed one day he came out of his house and they were all praying over his car pleading for it to break down, which it did.

Apparently they’re frustration stemmed from the fact that the house he owned was the only one on the block (besides the church) and they didn’t want any tenants outside the community living there. After heavily investigating the church, I eventually found out they were clean and one of the tenants who was staying there’s boyfriend actually burnt down the house and not Jesus, as one church member claimed.

Crack kills

I worked for a private investigator company that mostly handled workers compensation cases for insurance companies or other employers. I was assigned a case where a guy was claiming a severe back and shoulder injury.

After a few hours staking out his house, he pulled up in his car and emptied the entire truck of landscaping equipment, alone and with no trouble at all. After he puts everything away, he walks over to the side of his neighbours house, pulls out a piece of the siding, withdraws a crack pipe and smokes it right in front of me. I filmed the entire thing. Safe to say we won that one.

It wasn’t me

This woman hired me to see if her husband was cheating. She called us detailing, “My husband has been acting differently, coming home quite late and not acting interested in me. We also share a close female friend and she’s been acting overly nice and strange as well.” So I had to follow her husband to see if he was cheating on his wife with their friend.

After receiving images of each of them, I finally get to the restaurant he’s at and I find him sitting with this other woman. I have my camera out and am taking all these videos of them kissing and cuddling and got some seriously juicy stuff. I called the woman to tell her we broke the case.

I met up with her to show her the footage, mind you she is sobbing crying. She finally looks at the footage and says, “Wait that’s not my husband.” I was mortified, I had filmed the wrong guy.

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