The Best Surveillance Spy Equipment Available on the Market Now

Have this gut-wrenching feeling your spouse is cheating on you? Are you now searching for the best spy products in the game to solidify your suspicions?

Look no further – Melbourne Private Investigators specialises in 24/7 surveillance for cheating partners and we have a few suggestions on the best gear to buy so you can gather all the information you need to get to the bottom of the situation.

Phone tracker spyware

The easiest way to catch your partner in the act is by setting up a tracking software on their mobile device. Our cutting-edge phone spyware is equipped with a variety of features including the ability to read all incoming and outgoing SMS, Facebook, Viber and Whatsapp messages. You will also have the ability to track the phone’s location at all times and see captured photos as they come through on the camera roll. You can also monitor phone calls and even listen in to surrounding audio within a few metres of the phone.

Hidden phone charger camera

Surprise your partner with a new phone charger… to spy on them. The phone charger hidden camera can capture high quality video footage and features Wifi connectivity, making it easy to monitor what’s happening at home when you aren’t around.

GPS tracking listening device

Track your cheating partners every move with a GPS tracking and listening device that magnetically sticks to any metal surface. The device is water resistant and equipped with 200 hours of battery life. Easily track down its exact location, to the nearest metre and review exactly where your partner has been. You can also use the online account to view all location history.

Recording device

Is your partner having secret conversations in their office? Hide this recording device and get listening. Equipped with 3 recording modes, 12 metre recording distance, 400 hour battery life and 50 month battery standby, you can leave this one in the room for months without it being detected. For added security, a password can be required before gaining access to open the recordings.

Hire a private investigator to catch your cheating partner

Looking for support beyond devices? Hire a professional to help you discreetly surveillance your spouse without being detected. Following all privacy, security, surveillance and device laws, Melbourne Private Investigators can help you obtain evidence and information for the courts or peace of mind. We want to help you uncover the truth. Give us a call at 1300 416 730 (24 hours) for a confidential discussion regarding your situation.

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