Using a Private Investigator for Divorce

In our experience wives are more vulnerable when it comes to knowledge about their marital assets. Husbands are usually the ones who control the financial assets of the marriage. We often get calls from women who are scared to leave their husbands because they think they will lose everything but the with the right information that decision can be a whole lot easier.

Deciding to leave your husband can be made a lot easier with the help of a good private investigation company. Gathering the right evidence before you leave your husband can be crucial to a favourable outcome in the family court.

Financial Assets

The first step is to gather as much evidence in relation to financial assets. Women often have no idea about the financial position of their marriage, especially when it involves a business being run by the husband. We do a full search on the husband’s business dealings and property ownership to determine what assets they own, including directorships and shareholdings that the wife may be entitled to. The wife is then armed with great evidence to give to their family lawyer to make a claim for the amount of money that they are entitled to.

Child Custody & Maintenance

The next step is to gather evidence about the husband and his personal dealings, especially if there are children involved and there will be a fight over the custody of the children. A private investigator can obtain evidence that can be used in court regarding who they associate with, where they take the children and how he cares for them. For example, if evidence can be obtained proving the husband is already in another relationship this can be used against him to achieve a much better result in the family court in terms of maintenance that he will be liable for.

What to do Now

If you are thinking of leaving your husband a simple call to us to discuss your situation which could pay dividends in the long run by placing you in a much stronger position for negotiations during the family law proceedings. Armed with this knowledge it will lead to a greater financial outcome for you. Call us now on 1300 416 730 to discuss.

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