How to Hire a Private Investigator in Melbourne

The Decision to Hire a Private Investigator

The decision to hire a private investigator to spy on your husband, wife or partner can be one of the most important decisions a person will make. This is because the information that a private investigator will uncover can be potentially disastrous to a relationship. However it can also be one of the best decisions a person will make since it can reveal the truth about their partner, which may have been hidden for years.

Our experience shows that our clients have a sense of relief once they make the decision to call a private investigator. They describe it as though a ‘weight has been lifted off their shoulders’ because they are able to share their worries with a professional who understands what they are going through.

The Suspicions

Often a person will notice changes in their partner. However many of these characteristics can be exhibited over a longer period of time and it may come to a point where a person needs to take some sort of action in regards to their suspicions.

Our experience shows that usually ‘where there is smoke, there is usually fire’ and a persons suspicions about their wife, husband or partner are well founded.

Why Hire a Private Investigator

Simply put, private investigators are the most qualified professionals to conduct surveillance on a person. In fact, hiring a licensed private investigator is the only legally permitted avenue to conduct surveillance and investigators are subject to the licensing laws in their respective states of Australia. They are also subject to ethical guidelines handed down by the police and their respective organisations. This ensures that the work is completed professionally and discreetly. A good investigator should have in place a privacy policy to express to you their compliance with their duty of confidentiality to you.

How to Hire a Private Investigator

The first step is to call Melbourne Private Investigations to discuss your situation and why you have suspicions that your partner is cheating. A good private investigator will take the time to listen and to analyse your situation. Although they may have heard hundreds of similar situations, every situation is unique and deserves attention. A conversation with the private investigator is usually all it takes to work out a strategy to get you the evidence you need.

The next step is to make it clear to the private investigator how much you are willing to spend to get the answers you need. Once this is made clear, a strategy can be tailored to meet your budget and your expectations. Such strategies can range from a simple 3 hour surveillance to a more long term monitoring of the activities of your partner. A private investigator should never promise results, but a careful strategy will improve the chances of a successful outcome.

The final step for you is for you to nominate a time and place where the surveillance will commence. This location could be from your partners workplace at the end of their shift, or at a specific location they plan to meet a person where you suspect an interaction with another person may take place. You may already have some sort of evidence that proves they will be meeting a person they may be cheating with and that makes the work of a private investigator much more cost effective. It means that there is a higher chance that the surveillance will result in getting the evidence which proves what you have suspected all along.

The Surveillance

During the course of the surveillance the private investigator will report back to you on a regular basis and update you on what your partner is doing, who they are with and send you phot or video evidence. You can choose to end the surveillance if the truth has been obtained, or to continue the surveillance to find out more.


Sometimes the investigation does not uncover anything untoward. The partner might be meeting friends, or staying back late to work after all. In this respect the surveillance does achieve an outcome in that the trust has been restored from the point of view of the person who harbours the suspicions.

However if cheating is uncovered by the private investigator and you have the photo and video evidence to prove it, then you have a range of options available to you. You can either confront your partner with this evidence and show them what you have uncovered. You can also choose to get your affairs in order and leave the relationship without confronting your partner with this evidence. However relationships can recover from cheating and if two people are honest about what has led to this situation then the relationship can be saved.

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