Wife on Ashley Madison

Discovering your wife is cheating is heartbreaking, but finding out she has listed herself on a dating website is even worse. Thousands of husbands are going about their day oblivious to the sexual habits of their wives. But there is a way to come out on top by catching your wife in the act and getting the proof you need to expose the truth.

There are hundreds of websites specialising in extra-marital affairs. They provide the secrecy that cheating partners need to keep their cheating from their spouse. People chat online and arrange a meeting either at a public location or a private room in a hotel or residence. Every day there are thousands of affairs going on in every city in Australia.

However with the aid of a private investigator it can be possible to catch your partner red-handed. At Melbourne Private Investigations we specialise in catching cheating partners, whether it be following them to a location or exposing their cheating online.

If you suspect your partner is cheating there are a number of options you have:

  1. Do nothing and live with the suspicion
  2. Investigate yourself
  3. Engage a private investigator

The second option is not a great choice as most people wouldn’t know the first thing about how to run an effective investigation. This takes years of experience and at Melbourne Private Investigations we select highly trained licensed agents who get the job done every time.

The last option is by far the most effective and will relieve your constant anguish and suspicion. A private investigator will get you the evidence you need to either confront your partner about their cheating or to get your own affairs in order to plan what you will do.

If you suspect your wife is cheating on a dating website it is best to act quickly and work with us to achieve the best result for you with the utmost discretion.

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