Is Insurance Surveillance Legal?

The surprising but true fact behind an insurance claim is that when you’ve made one, a private investigator could be watching you. While it may seem drastic, these are the lengths insurance companies or employers will go to when making sure your claim is true and genuine.

But how is this legal? What are they looking for? And how far can investigators go as they gather information?

Is insurance surveillance legal?

Yes, in Australia, insurance and workers compensation investigations are completely legal on public property. A private investigator is legally allowed to take photos and videos of you and your house, as long as they aren’t trespassing your land to record private activities.

What can workcover investigators do?

Workcover investigators have a lot of freedom when it comes to investigating a disputed claim. The two main types of surveillance used during this kind of investigation are:

Desktop surveillance, which monitors a person’s social media accounts and other public internet activities. Information obtained this way is widely used as evidence.

Personal surveillance monitors a person in real life as they move about their day. This can be on your commute to work, when you’re heading to a doctor’s appointment, on a night out at the pub, or at your local shopping centre.

What can’t workcover investigators do?

While private investigators are able to follow you around, there are limitations to what they are able to do. They can’t follow you inside your home or trespass private property to record you inside your home. They also can’t bug your mobile or landline to use any kind of device to record private phone conversations or text messages.

How long do workers compensation investigations last?

Typically, investigations are usually wrapped up between 15 to 30 days, however if an insurance company requires more time, they can ask for an extension. If a claim needs to be investigated by an insurance company or employer, it can take more time and may include sourcing a private investigator for assistance.

How do workcover private investigators go about investigating?

The main reason why an employer or insurance company would hire a workcover private investigator is to catch someone in a web of lies. If an employee lodges a workcover claim, but they aren’t actually injured and unable to work, an employer may be able to reduce claims of a plaintiff’s injury. At the same time, if the insurer is suspicious of the claim and requires more evidence, they may choose to hire a private investigator.

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