What are the Signs of a Cheating Partner?

If you suspect your partner is cheating, sometimes your suspicions can be correct. However, before you jump to conclusions, how can you be sure? There are a few ways to tell if your partner has a wandering eye.

If you have noticed the following common cheating partner signs, then it might be time to face an ugly reality:

  1. Are they incredibly protective of their mobile phone and take it everywhere with them – even to the bathroom?
  2. Do they have protective locks like a PIN or password on their mobile phone or laptop that they didn’t have previously?
  3. Are they quick to create arguments and get defensive, even about minor issues?
  4. Do they refuse to disclose their account passwords to social media or emails?
  5. Are they suddenly taking an interest in their appearance by going to the gym or upgrading their wardrobe?
  6. Do you find that they have decreased – or increased – their intimacy levels?
  7. Has their daily routine changed? For example, are they uncontactable via work hours or frequently ‘work late?’
  8. Do they shower immediately after they have arrived home? This could be to mask the smell of another person’s perfume.

When questioned whether they are cheating, are they verbally or physically aggressive? Do they accuse you of the one who is cheating?

These are all common signs of cheating. If you can answer yes to many, if not all, of the above questions, then it may be natural to seek confirmation that your partner is up to no good.

How to catch your partner cheating

Catching a cheater in the act is often nothing like the movies. And, should you trail your partner and catch them in the act, you may be shocked by what you find. Many justify it by entering a state of denial. For others, in the pursuit of finding evidence, they may make errors of judgement and have their cover blown. None of these situations are desirable.

That’s why we will always recommend hiring a professional private investigator to scope out your partner. Not only are we discreet but we keep emotion out of the equation and maintain a level head. This means we can be more successful at getting the answers you want.

Do you need a private investigator?

With more Australians enlisting the help of a private investigator to catch cheating spouses in the act, hiring a professional is more common than you think. At Melbourne Private Investigations, we are committed to helping allay your suspicions to the best of our abilities. We specialise in private investigations within Melbourne but also extend our services to regional Victoria. In fact, we can cover Australia-wide investigations through our network of professional and discreet investigators.

We use a range of high-end technology spy products, such as audio enhancement software and GPS tracking, to capture all the evidence you might need to make a decision about your relationship. If you’re ready, contact us or call our confidential hotline on 1300 416 730 for a chat.

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