Boys Weekend in Bali

Private Investigator in Bali

We were contacted by a woman whose boyfriend was heading overseas on a boys weekend to Bali.

She was concerned since she had heard a lot about these drunken weekends and the possibility that some level of cheating might take place. She wondered if we could help and we discussed the viability of conducting surveillance in Bali. We told her that surveillance in Bali is much more affordable than most people think. We developed a solution to ensure that her boyfriend was to be followed at specific times from his hotel during the weekend.

We organised a licensed private investigator to watch the activities he attended. He spent the day at the beach drinking beers and soaking up the sun. Nothing extraordinary took place. The private investigator also followed him each night to various bars and clubs, collecting photos and video surveillance and sending these back to the client.

The good thing was that the woman’s boyfriend was simply enjoying himself with his mates and was completely loyal. Other than a few friendly chats to local women, there was no cheating involved. He returned to Melbourne with his mates, all a bit worse for wear, but with no damage to his committed relationship.

The woman was extremely happy and felt that it was money well spent. Interestingly it was much more cost effective than she first thought due to the low costs of surveillance in Bali.

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